Discover Community Church recently hosted seminars on the topic of human trafficking. We then continued learning and had discussions in a small group setting. Patrick and Brenda Flick spearheaded the initiative. We learned a great deal about labor trafficking and sex trafficking. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that is out of control and growing. It is a topic that churches and Christians do not address as much as we should because it is disturbing to our minds and hearts. It’s easier to look away and hope other courageous people will take it head on.

We were blessed and motivated by seeing and hearing from many people who are on the front lines battling this evil. In the small group setting we contemplated how each of us could make a difference in the lives of girls, boys, and women caught up in sex trafficking. Currently, the fastest growing demographic in sex trafficking is young boys.

Few of us are equipped, or called, to be Rambo-like characters and storm houses and hotels to forcibly rescue victims of sex trafficking. I believe many Christians use this visual as the only way to be engaged in this battle, but there are many ways to help. There are very few safe houses to place rescued women and girls. A huge need exists to help develop more housing and fund current housing efforts.

In an interview with a police officer with over 20 years of experience, he stated it is much more difficult for police on the street to fight sex trafficking nowadays. The majority of solicitation is now on the Internet and online pornography sites. And online demand for pornography, especially child pornography, is growing. This struck me immediately. I was hit with the thought that if we can be more effective in stopping the demand for pornography we could possibly prevent many boys, girls, and women from being snatched up and trafficked.

I decided to start a campaign directed at men called “Mighty Men” on social media. One topic is called “Kill the Beast”. The beast is online porn. I believe if more people knew that visiting porn sites is directly correlated to child sex trafficking it might move their hearts and minds to quit. It is self-destructive in so many ways, but it is increasing the demand for child trafficking, so it’s about children more than ever. People will often participate in self-destructive acts and addictions, but sometimes when confronted with the fact they are hurting kids they will gain the fortitude and discipline to stop.

Pray over our nation and Colorado (in the top 5 worst states for human trafficking) against this evil. And contemplate how you can help make a difference. Contact Patrick Flick at Discover Community Church for more information and to get involved: