1. Our Prayer & Worship Night was wonderful! It was really full of wonder! We prayed as a body of Christ for the world, or nation, our state, our communities, and our churches. We praised and worshiped God all through the evening. Most of the people attending stayed far beyond 8:30 pm. We finally closed it down about 9:15 pm! When the Holy Spirit is moving in our hearts and we are experiencing the joy of Christ it’s hard to leave!

Besides praying for the world, our nation, etc., we prayed for individuals. Many people received prayer for all sorts of needs – provision, relationships, going on mission trips. At one point in the evening we invited anyone who needed any kind of healing (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) to come to the front. Many people came forward and received prayer.

Another wonderful part of the evening were the testimonies! Several people were brave and offered testimonies to God’s work in their lives. So moving they were that the rest of us were weeping in joy with them. It was fantastic! The power of testimony can change a person’s life. It is so hard to be in the middle of a trial. We need to hear about other’s journeys and how God brought them through.

The Prayer Ministry Team developed a wide variety of prayer topics that we prayed through. But it is important that we pray continually for these big topics. The prayer topics are below. Here is a link to a PDF of the prayer topics. Send it to others as well. There is power in numbers.

We have already planned our next Prayer & Worship Night! It will be Thursday, April 25th. Put it on your calendar!

Prayer & Worship Night Prayer Topics


  1. Pray against deception. Pray for the truth of Jesus Christ to be revealed throughout the world
  2. Pray for Christian churches, pastors and leaders, and their families for protection physically and spiritually
  3. Pray for God’s missionaries all over the world to be used influentially for Christ.
  4. Pray against abuse. Pray for deliverance and healing for those being abused physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  5. Pray against oppressive governments. Pray that God intervene on behalf of those who have little to no voice.


  1. Pray for Christians to live boldly and courageously in our true freedom – freedom in Christ.
  2. Pray for a movement of God in the midst of our nation’s difficulties. Ask God to use what Satan intends for evil to instead bring good.
  3. Declare life over unborn children who are currently at risk of being aborted. Pray for women who are contemplating abortion to be released from fear, and trust that God will make a way for both of them
  4. Pray to God to expose and break strongholds of power that control our political systems. Pray for Godly wisdom for our leaders.
  5. Pray for honest weights and measures in our government, judicial system, and financial markets.


  1. Pray for honesty and Godly wisdom in all Colorado governments and our judicial system
  2. Pray that victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation be discovered and set free. Pray for their healing.
  3. Pray for people, especially our young people, suffering from hopelessness, depression and loneliness for an intervention of God’s mighty love
  4. Pray that our education systems would be places of genuine education. Pray against indoctrination of ungodly ideals for our future generations.
  5. Pray for all Christians in Colorado to be does of the Word and just hearers.


  1. Pray for all first responders (Police, Fire, EMT, Military, etc.) for protection. Pray also for wisdom in their duties
  2. Pray that we be Salt and Light in our communities – that we be alert to opportunities to share Jesus with others.
  3. Pray for safety in our neighborhoods from violent crime.
  4. Pray that God would enable people to see the church as not a museum for saints but a hospital for the sick and brokenhearted.
  5. Pray for reconciliation in relationships. Pray for humility and unconditional love for one another.


  1. Pray to be ready for all people God will send to your church. Pray that we are prepared as individuals to serve and minister the love of Jesus.
  2. Pray for your pastors and leaders and their families for protection, wisdom, and their relationships.
  3. Pray for unity in the Spirit of Christ where all contribute to the work of forwarding your church’s mission.
  4. Pray against deception and false gospels. Pray for spiritual discernment for all in your church.
  5. Pray for Fruit of the Spirit to flow abundantly in your church – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.