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Stopping the Demand for Human Trafficking

Discover Community Church recently hosted seminars on the topic of human trafficking. We then continued learning and had discussions in a small group setting. Patrick and Brenda Flick spearheaded the initiative. We learned a great deal about labor trafficking and sex...

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Love, Power, Weakness, Fear

In my time in the Word and in prayer times, I've been thinking about our authority in Christ and the power of the Spirit of Christ in us through God's unsurpassing love. And how we can be fooled, by living in this world, into thinking we are impotent and powerless....

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National Day of Prayer

Come join us for the National Day of Prayer! It's good to pray by ourselves, but we need to come together as the body of Christ to pray as well. On Thursday, May 3rd from 7-8:30pm, the Prayer Ministry Team and Fight Club Mens' Ministry will host an all-church prayer...

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Invitation to Fast and Pray this Friday

This Friday is Good Friday, the day our Lord laid his life down for the sins of mankind in order to reconcile us to God! As I was praying this afternoon, the Lord prompted me to fast and pray this Friday. I'm writing to invite you to join me. If you sense the Spirit...

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Our First Away Ministry Opportunity!

Emily, Lonnie and me had the privilege of praying for a friend of Emily's on Monday. Bob has a rare blood disease. It was an amazing time of prayer and we received as much from the ministry time as the receivers. Thank you Emily and Lonnie. This is a part of the...

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