4/3/18 – We will be kicking off our new book study this week with the author, J.B. McKoy. I am really excited about this new study and having J.B. Speak with us. Please invite your friends and bring some money, he will have some books with him.
I talked with J.B. McKoy, the author of “Heaven-bound but going nowhere “. I feel this is where God wants us to go next. How many times do you get to do a book study and the author shows up and discusses the book? Pretty cool!!

Synopsis of the study:

While hoping for change, many Christians find themselves trapped in the same self-defeating patterns of thinking and behavior they had before getting saved. Church attendance and religious disciplines alone bring neither lasting relief from their relational, health, and financial problems nor calm to the inner turmoil at their root. Heaven-Bound but Going Nowhere provides a practical guide to renewing the mind, God’s path to transformation and spiritual growth. For those willing to move past commiseration and complaining, it charts a journey from a performance, fear-based mindset to a life of grace and faith.