Do Not Judge

July 22, 2018
"Do Not Judge". Simple and emphatic. But there is more in this passage than meets the eye. Pastor Craig Carson walks us through this well-known scripture and helps us see…


July 1, 2018
Fasting is an amazing tool to draw us closer to our Father in heaven. Fasting detaches us from the world as our prayer attaches us to God.

How To Pray

June 23, 2018
Prayer with the right motive allows God not only to bless us , but Also to use us in powerful ways to bless others. In this week's message, Jesus Himself…


May 27, 2018
Jesus teaches us that the oaths we make are more than a legal statement. They reflect our character. This week we ask the question, “does our character reflect the righteousness…

Anger and Murder

May 6, 2018
God gave the 10 commandments to Moses, and laid down the law saying “thou shall not murder“. Jesus fulfills the law by teaching that our attitudes are just as important…

Salt and Light

April 22, 2018
The idea that YOU ARE salt and light in the world. The world needs salt and light so that the world will glorify God. Work on your relationship with Christ;…

The Beatitudes

April 15, 2018
Jesus came to reconcile us to God, but also to give us the tools to deny the Devil. A mindset of humility and thankfulness for God’s provision is a powerful…