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Erik Nilsen

Men’s Ministry Leader

Hello, I’m Erik Nilsen. Our men’s ministry is a vibrant group of men determined to be all that God created us to be – for Him, for each other, and for our community and world. While we laugh and do our share of kidding around, we are serious about our faith in Jesus Christ and we are pursuing being Godly men in a broken and fallen world.

Our name is “Fight Club” (based on the movie) because what is said here stays here. We believe in order for men to be real and to become truly transformed men of God, they need an environment with other men that is safe – without condemnation or shame, where we can encourage and exhort one another in the things of God. Safe doesn’t mean weak, it means we love well in Biblical terms.

Our meetings include Bible studies, book studies, movie nights, and prayer. We also do community service projects and help around the church. We encourage one another to be wing-men – have each other’s back. It takes time for men to grow in trust. We are about freedom. We don’t push anyone to do anything, rather we will be patient and allow God to move a man’s heart toward trust and desire to “throw off everything that hinders” in his life in Christ.

If you’ve struggled finding good and healthy relationships with other guys, we encourage you to try our group and see for yourself!


Meetings: Thursdays at 6:45pm at the Church

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Erik Nilsen

Men's Ministry Leader


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This men's ministry rocks!



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