“So, what’s up with the shirts, articles, slides, etc. about many hands make light work?”

It’s about the mission of Discover Community Church and our individual participation.
1 Corinthians 12:27

When all of us work together on a common goal we are all encouraged. And when all of us work together we all are being equipped. This is where the action is—and this is where the fun is too—the fruit of the Spirit of joy! An aspect of how God designed us is to experience accomplishment in our work in His kingdom. It’s His desire for us to co-operate with Him and each other to advance the mission of our church which in turn advances the bigger mission of the Great Commission.

It’s encouraging to hear a testimony of salvation, or an answer to prayer, but it’s exhilarating to be in the midst when the person was told about Jesus or prayed for the person, or participated in facilitating church the day these movements of God happened! THAT IS FUN! This is why God wants all of us to participate. It edifies the body and Glorifies Him.

When we say “Yes” to co-operating as a body in our common mission, things are activated spiritually that manifest in our natural environment. It seems ridiculous, but even the smallest act of obedience has impact beyond what we think in our human understanding. God may say, “Go wipe up that spill”, or “Let go of doing that thing you like and go help with this”, or “Go help that ministry”. We may think, “It’s only a small thing” or “It’s not my gifting”, but God works in ALL things. He works in our co-operation and willingness to take any assignment that will advance the mission.

God knows how to connect the mundane to the miraculous

Think about this: A person visits RIIZE coffee shop. She is provided a good cup of coffee and treated with kindness and love. She decides to come visit our church. She is new in town and looking for work. She’s interested in music. A worship team member talks with her and helps connect her with some possibilities in that field. She attends church again, this time she receives prayer from prayer ministers for work. She attends again and a prayer minister sees her and connects with her to see how things are going, as does the worship team member. She receives prayer again that day. The next day she sees a breakthrough and two job opportunities. She comes back next week and tells the people she’s been interacting with about what God did. They are thrilled for her and thrilled to have been a part of it!

This is a true story! From coffee to attending church to talking with “available” DCC church goers to breakthrough. Three weeks!

You find out there are ministries in need of help; you help in the nursery even though it’s not your gift; you talk to a parent; the parent is stressed; you lead them to a prayer person; the prayer person prays with them because their child is sick; the child gets better; the parent is encouraged; they don’t know Christ but come to church again; they are inspired by the worship but don’t know why; they come back again and hear the message; they receive Christ! They tell their story about how the person in the nursery cared for them leading them on this crazy journey to Christ.

Who knew serving in the nursery THAT DAY would end up being a catalyst to one coming to salvation in Christ! Wow! To be a part of that chain reaction is fun! This is how it works—and God does it every single day somewhere in the world. We can’t let everybody else have all the fun. It might as well be at Discover Community Church!

Many Hands Make Light Work! Many hands working together in our common mission can accomplish much!

Your DCC Board