How many times have you saved something for a special occasion only to find it years later, unused, and perhaps unusable?  A pretty candle you didn’t have the heart to light for just every day use that melts in the heat of a storage room or loses its lovely scent. Have you ever treated your faith that way?

We tend to tell ourselves that there is always a better time than the present to use that special item just as we may tell ourselves there is a better time than the present for us to spend with God.  We are looking for a moment with no distractions, no unfinished housework, no kids demanding attention, no spouse needing help, no job vying for our consideration.  In other words, we are waiting for a circumstance that I firmly believe does not exist.  Our “go-to” might be to fit Him in here and there, to look to revisit a comfortable passage in passing, to rest in the familiar.

I decided the perfect scenario was a phantom.  I feel confident that I will likely never be that woman reading her Bible sitting cozily on her porch with a view (my deck looks directly into my neighbor’s backyard).  My house will always have something going on, an area that needs paint, a floor that’s buckled, a table that needs dusting.  My calendar will always be full and my mind will always be a never-ending “to do” list.   So I decided there was no point in waiting to spend time with God or waiting to ask Him to test me, stretch me, use me. Once I let go of my unrealistic expectation of the setting, God gifted me with more revelation regarding His word than I had experienced in years.  Passages that I had read countless times came alive with deeper meaning and more challenging relevance than ever before.  And though sometimes it hurts like heck, He has used me in ways I never would have believed possible. When God says He will meet us wherever we are, He means it.

Don’t wait for a special occasion or a perfect moment.  Every moment with God is perfection.  Take those candles out and light them.