Discover Hope Small Group

Patrick Flick has spearheaded a small group dedicated to learning more about sex trafficking in the United States, and more specifically in our communities. Colorado is said to be among the top 5, some say #1, worst states for sex trafficking.

The first evening, July 18, included a time of worship and some speakers. A local hands-on ministry, Beloved, shared heart-wrenching stories of sex trafficking in our city, but followed up with wonderful stories of redemption and love! The key is getting involved by attending meetings, learning, and asking God how he wants to use you.

The second meeting, July 25, was a short documentary produced by Natalie Grant, “In Plan Sight”. It details the widespread plight of sex trafficking in the United States which most have no idea exists right in there own towns. Below is a video introduction to the movie which can be seen in full on YouTube.

Starting Wednesday, August 1 at 7pm, an 8-week study and discussion, with an excellent curriculum, will begin. If you are interested in attending contact Patrick Flick to get the curriculum in PDF. His email is

“In Plan Sight” Video Intro

Watch this brief introduction to sex trafficking produced by Natalie Grant. It is 4 years old, but the problem has only increased. You may watch the entire movie (about 1 hour) for $3.99.