Wolhurst residents are asking for help in getting some brooming off of their mobile homes (just on the ends that face the street).

The average age in this community is 70+ and many do not have the strength or physical ability to raise a broom up over their heads. Each home will take just a few moments to sweep clean the eaves – these are small, single-wide and double-wide mobile Homes.

The Men’s Club will provide some extension poles with broom heads on them for us to use. Feel free to bring along some extra brooms and/or extension poles. We currently have about thirty homes requesting assistance in the park.

For those who may be interested in going the extra mile, the Men’s Club would love to have some folks help with spreading wood chips on the walking path around the lake. If interested, please bring some shovels. We have wheelbarrows to use.

Also, we have one disabled gentleman and his wife (she has Alzheimer’s) who need some simple yard work help (raking, fertilizing, light clean up).

Your involvement in these people’s lives will make a huge impact for the Kingdom of God.

Sign up at the information table!