Wow, what a month!  I can barely believe we are already almost halfway through February.  The energy, favor, and encouragement we have received as a pastoral team here at DCC have been fuel for us every day.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about outreach and why it can be difficult to get connected and engaged.  From what I have seen, people WANT to help.  I believe though, in general, we overcomplicate what it means to help someone.  The phrase, “Go big or go home,” has its place, but if it keeps us from going at all–it’s a problem.  When Bob and I prayed about how we should start in outreach, the Lord was very clear.  “Just start.”  How easy is that?  So that has resulted in our “rescue bag” outreach, a small food bank, and two scheduled dates in May for groups to do lunch service at the Denver Rescue Mission.  These are only a start though because people have come to us with the desire to be bold and the ideas God has put on their hearts.  We are committed to helping them step into those roles as leaders and lovers of people.

Don’t make the mistake of believing your efforts aren’t worthwhile.  Sometimes, our roles in God’s plan are different than what we expect.  Maybe we aren’t always the messenger for someone, but we are the ones that soften their hearts for that moment when God’s messenger arrives and that person is ready to hear the gospel.  Our job is to be aware, available, and attentive to what God speaks to us.  The enemy may tell you that unless you are bringing hundreds of people to salvation every day you are fighting a losing battle and you are wasting your time.  He would like nothing better than for you to lose your steam before you ever stepped foot out your door.

The reality is, if we are obedient to God’s plan, regardless of if we understand it or not, we make a difference.  God allows us to be part of something greater than ourselves and it matters.  Even if we are chipping away at the world, one person at a time.


Pastor Gabe