I am very blessed to have gifted women who want to share their gifts with others.  My sweet friend, Leslie, came to me with an idea for teaching on the Ancient Oils of the Bible, their significance, and current-day benefits.  Leslie has also put together a bookmark craft that incorporates lava beads of different colors.  Lava beads are porous and can soak up the scent of oils to give the extra gift of fragrance.  Bring your Bible (not digital)!

This event will cap at 25 women and has a materials cost of $10 if you pay by cash or check, $11 if you pay via credit or debit card at the discover.churchcenter.com/registrations link.

As always, if you have a skill or gift you would like to share with other women, let me know!  Email me at gabrielle@discovercommunity.church.