Wednesday, January 15th, 7 – 8:30 pm

There is so much going on in our nation, our state, our communities and our families. Please join us for our bi-monthly prayer night and pray as the Spirit of God leads. Our Prayer Ministry Team will be available to pray for individuals. What’s on your heart to pray? Bring it to God in the community of believers.

There is a time to come together as a body of Christ that is set apart for praise, corporate prayer and testimonies. Praying on our own in our homes is a discipline all Christians are called to do, but praying together in the unity of the Holy Spirit glorifies God and edifies the body of Christ. When together as a body we praise and pray in unity it can move mountains that may otherwise not be moved. God desires our prayers. He wants to talk with us!

We will offer general prayers for a wide range of topics for our world, our nation, our state, our communities and our local churches  that we pray together. We are facilitating ways where everyone will feel welcome, whether you want to pray aloud or in the quietness your heart.

We need encouragement. Coming together to share testimonies is necessary to help us persevere in our faith and this life. There are many exciting ways God is answering prayers but most do not hear these testimonies. Do you have an answered prayer or an encouraging word you can share? There is someone who needs to hear it.

Would you like to receive personal prayer? Do you need healing (physical, emotional, spiritual)? Do you need prayer for a particular struggle in your life? Or is there a work-related issue? Or a relationship challenge?

Your life matters to God. You may receive prayer from the Prayer Ministry Team or you can pray with others that you know. You may write your prayer need on a piece of supplied paper and pin it to one of our crosses. The Prayer Ministry Team will receive them and pray over you.

The Prayer Night is open to all. Invite friends and family, neighbors and those who may not attend a traditional church service.

Bless you, and may the peace of Christ reign in your heart,

The Prayer Ministry Team