In the book of Nehemiah, we see that the walls of Jerusalem had been torn down and burned, all had been destroyed.  There was much work to be done for the city to be restored. One Godly man, Nehemiah, saw this need and he prayed a prayer to God that we can all learn from.  He prayed earnestly in a spirit of contrition, humbly confessing his sin and the sin of his people; and, in repentance he petitioned the Lord. He asked that he would be used to rebuild the walls of the kingdom.  In faith, he stepped out and trusted God, and through his willingness to obey God’s will, he received the blessing of the King to go rebuild the wall of his people.

Nehemiah professed boldly to the people that God was with them and he called them to action, reaching out to all the people to cooperate together to do this great work.  He organized them by tribe, camp and family to do this seemingly insurmountable task, and, with God’s provision and protection, they began to rebuild the ancient wall. He encouraged them and they stood firm in their faith together against their enemies, continuing steadfastly to labor both day and night for the Lord.  Their faith was unwavering and their dedication to the task was unparalleled.

In the end, they rebuilt the wall, gates and doors, as a body, all working together to do the impossible in a miraculously short amount of time.  God used their faithfulness to achieve what could never happen in their own strength. The Body of Christ exemplified in an Old Testament story, many hands making light work of a huge task.  The Bible says, in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 that we are a body of Christ and we are all part of that body.  For a body to be fully functional, all of its members must cooperate and work together.  How effective is a body where the legs and arms refuse or neglect to contribute? Or, where the eye fights with the ear over their assigned task?

Pray and ask the Lord how you can become an effective part of the body of Christ at Discover Community Church.  There are so many ways you can contribute to the health of our body. There are immediate needs for help in children’s church, nursery, maintenance, custodial, small group leadership, security team – the list goes on and on.  Many of the members of our body are in need of your assistance, they have been overworked and need rest. They have shown up faithfully to do the work of the Lord for us for this past year, and they have done it so well, without complaint or grumbling.  Now, in this new year, it is time for all of us to examine our hearts and see where we have held back from God our gifting, our time and talents. How can you step up to be a worker for the Lord to bless this body? Like in the days of Nehemiah, we are calling the church to action.  Let’s build this together!

Your DCC Board