There is a difference between schooling and education. God desires that we grow and mature in the knowledge of Christ, but the knowledge he desires is not simply book learning and memorization. He desires that we know him in his character. We should all desire that children and young adults be educated by growing in understanding in what is being taught.

Elementary school all the way through college is fertile territory for the enemy to infiltrate with lies and every kind of temptation. Our children and young adults need identity and meaning. Many are struggling in disillusionment.

Consider the challenges and difficulties of your local schools, children, young adults, and parents. Pray the listed items and other prayers God puts on your heart.

  • That schools would excel in educating students in the critical skills needed for today’s vocations – that political and social agendas would diminish.
  • That teachers, administrators, parents, and students unify in meaningful ways, and that parents be rightfully acknowledged as the proper authority of their children’s education and well-being.
  • Physical and spiritual protection over the hearts and minds of children and young adults.
  • That God draw many young people into a relationship with Christ to find love, security, and meaning.

Pray for yourself:

  • For courage and boldness to lovingly challenge aspects of public education that dilute or diminish true education.
  • To offer gratitude and encouragement to educators who work hard and do good work.
  • To be alert to the enemy’s schemes or agendas to deceive young people and do something about it, if possible.
    Acknowledge to God any weaknesses in this area and confess sin that may be in your way.

The Jews there were amazed and asked, “How did this man get such learning without having been taught?” Jesus answered, “My teaching is not my own. It comes from the one who sent me.  John 7:15-16